Available courses

 Workers Rights

This course is for students who want to learn more about their rights as workers.

Tracey Mollins developed and delivered this course for AlphaPlus in 2007.


Are you Workready?

In order to get and to keep a job, a worker needs many job-related and persoal management skills. A worker needs to be able to manage personal stress, set goals, solve problems, make decisions, manage time, and communicate effectively.

In this course you will have an opportunity to find out more about these skills. You will also develop other work-related skills, such as thinking logically, demonstrating positive work habits, and presenting yourself and your ideas with confidence.

Diane Litchfield developed and delivered this course for AlphaPlus in 2008.

Have you ever gone on a vacation and then told your friends about it when you got back? Or come home in the evening and shared what you did during the day? Of course you have!

This proves that we are all storytellers.

Stories bind us together. If we know other peoples’ stories, we are less likely to misunderstand them. Storytelling also gives us a glimpse of someone else’s history and culture, and forces us to look from another person’s point of view.

Michelle Corneau developed and delivered this course for AlphaPlus in 2007.

measurement tools

Measurement is NOT just using a ruler or measuring tape to measure the length and width of an object. Measuring includes measuring to make a recipe and to determine the temperature, volume, weight and size of everyday things.

In this course you will learn how to measure in a variety of ways, from simple measurement to more complex.

Sandra Butler developed and delivered this course for AlphaPlus in 2008.

jigsaw puzzle

Do you have the essential skills needed to enter, stay in or progress in the world of work?

This course is for adult learners who want to learn Essential Employability Skills identified by Canadian employers and the Government of Canada.

In this 4 week course you will:

  • learn how 3 skill areas: academic, personal management and teamwork are linked and why they are essential for the workplace
  •  assess your own skills and identify ways to develop them
  •  improve your understanding of teamwork and the skills required to work with others

Christiana Owoo developed and delivered this course for AlphaPlus in 2008.


A blog is an ongoing story on the Internet.
A blog is a way to tell people who you are, what you think, what you are doing, or what you are learning. A blog is a way to find a community of people who like what you think, do and are learning.

In Blogging is Power you will:
* look at different types of blogs and evaluate them
* learn how to subscribe to blogs
* learn how to make comments on blogs
* create a blog with other people in the course

Tracey Mollins developed and delivered this course for AlphaPlus in 2007.

Laubach Way to Reading 1

This is a place to practice reading. All the words are from Laubach Way to Reading 1. Have fun!


Does the idea of algebra send chills up your spine?

Are you thinking about starting an algebra course and not sure if you are ready?

Letters for Numbers: A First Look at Algebra will give you a gentle introduction to this important topic in math.

Gina Bennett developed and delivered this course for AlphaPlus in 2008.

This course will show you some tricks that may help you remember your multiplication facts more easily.  You will do activities that  give you practice working with the multiplication table.  There are no tests.  Try it out!

Tim Nicholls Harrison developed and delivered this course for AlphaPlus in 2007.


Why do employers use hiring tests?
How do you feel about taking tests?
What is tested in hiring tests?

In this course we will explore these questions, try out some hiring tests, and share test-taking tips.

Learn how to put your best foot forward when you apply for jobs and take tests!

Mary Anne Doyle developed and delivered this course for AlphaPlus in 2008.

Canadian History

What do maps, charts, timelines, cartoons, and pictures all have in common?

They are all resources that can help us learn about Canadian history!

Enroll in this course and explore Canada's history from Confederation to the present day!

Linda Wright developed and delivered this course for AlphaPlus in 2008.


This is a short course about Earth Day 2009.

Nancy Friday developed and delivered this course onsite to introduce learners in a community-based program to online learning in one evening.

Untitled Braman

Learn about the exciting world of the art that surrounds us!

This course is aimed at students who want to expand their creative minds and learn about both artists and art. During the fours weeks of this course you will debate the definition of art, learn about important Canadian artists, and look at and talk about different art forms.

Enroll!  Learn with others online!  Expand your mind!

The painting above is by Chris Braman.

Chris Braman developed and delivered this course for AlphaPlus in 2008.

Are you ready to learn online? is a course intended for adult learners to get as sense about what kind of activities they may encounter when learning online. Read more about this course. This course can be used in a blended learning enviroment with the support of an instructor. To request access to this course, please contact Matthias Sturm.

Matthias Sturm and Tracey Mollins developed this course for AlphaPlus in 2011/12.